Informations about TPKhlp

HTML& original versions By F1RZN - 1997

Hi to all TPK users....

This file contains 15 of my help bulletins I sent out on the european
network since TPK180 came out (plus 14 unreleased)
If you have any comment,or would like to add anything to it,feel free to
do so by sending me an Email.
It also contains 6 files in which you will find very interesting msgs
released by users.


Those files can't be sold or exchanged for anything which
has any kind of value.

Watch out for some more of them on the ax.25 network.
If you have informations that you would like the others to benefit from,
send a bulletin to TPK@eu or TPK@ww.

Here is a list of this file's content :

TPK000 : your opinion about TPK ?
TPK002 : unproto beacon,what not to do.
TPK003 : pms and TPK : be careful
TPK006 : config files : how to get them
TPK007 : dos and TPK
TPK008 : TPK will do it every day
TPK010 : change in fbb numbers
TPK011 : keep ye old bbs list after fbb has renumbered...
TPK012 : automatic connect using a node...
TPK015 : what you must know
TPK016 : config.TPK for kantronics (in english)
TPK017 : set TPK to your local time
TPK018 : my TPK won't talk to my tnc...
TPK020 : log book
TPK053 : TPK sending "c" when connected...
TPK077 : little things which can save the day
TPK078 : how to recover an old bbs or private msg list
TPK091 : even more remote commands !!
TPK092 : what are config-1,config-2 and config-x.TPK ???
TPK093 : TPK highlights...
TPK094 : macro commands : how to work them out.
TPK095 : private message's TPK identification line
TPK096 : function keys : this can be usefull !
TPK097 : how many cariage returns do I need ?
TPK098 : a few words about variables...
TPK099 : TPK 1.81 versus 1.80 : any difference ?
TPK100 : start TPK from any directory/ "error in config file"
TPK101 : solution to a slow clock with TPK.
TPK102 : when remote commands won't work
TPK103 : ghost connects after unproto requests
TPK104 : getting nothing on the screen when connected
TPK105 : a little dos trick
TPK106 : how to make TPK forward only when you want
TPK107 : quick messages selection / MSGLST macro commands
TPK108 : how to include a signing text at the end of each msg
TPK109 : crash when encoding with 7plus
TPK110 : macro commands : no limit !
TPK111 : hidden features
TPK112 : windows,mouse and TPK...
TPK113 : write to msg_priv.Lst ? no need for it !
TPK115 : password routine
TPK120 : how do I know when my disk is full....
TPK121 : what to do if /info doesn't work.
TPK122 : what if info (untold trick about remote commands)
TPK701 : undocumented features
TPK702-1 : config.Sys (download problems)
TPK702-2 : db9/db25 rs232 wiring.
TPK702-3 : aide file in english
TPK703 : tidy your disk every day
TPK704 : automatically kill your mail on the bbs.

File length varies from as little as 450 octects to as much as 4500 Octets.
In some of those files you will find a reference to another file which will give you an example or some more informations on the feature discussed.
Therefore,i strongly recommend that you read the mentioned file.
If you can find any mistake of any kind in those files,please let me know as soon as possible so it can be corrected for later versions.

Thanks go to :
Mike "speed demon" gu8irf for sending that file on pacsats.
F1EBN for his help on many of those problems;
To gu4ymv/gb7gur who started all this and without who those messages wouldn't have been released.
Thanks to g3zyp for taking care of the distribution through disks.
Special thanks to f5pbx for introducing me to the wonderful world of packet radio and digital communications.

73 and enjoy TPK....

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