TPK000 By F1RZN (c) 1996

Information about yourself:

First name:
Country you live in:
Age :
Om or yl ?:
Have been licensed since :
Have been using packet since:
Favourite mode (ie:voice fm,voice ssb,ax.25...):
Are you sysop of any packet system ?(specify what):
Do you belong to a club which promotes packet radio activity ?
Write here your packet address (your callsign plus the callsign of
The ax.25 bbs you use with the full hierarchical address):

Other information about you which you think are important:

Information about your set up:
What tnc do you use ?:
What computer ?:
Characteristics of your computer:

Any other information about your set up that you think is important:

Information about you and TPK:

I have been using TPK for months/years (fill in the blank,delete
the word which does not apply)
I use TPK version (put the version number)
Since version (which is the 1st version of TPK you have used ?)

Which other packet program do you use ?:
Specify the type of those programs (freeware,shareware,firmware...):

Which packet program do you prefer ?
Why ?
Which TPK feature do you like the best ?
Which feature not yet included in TPK would you like to see included ?

What kind of problem(s),if any,have you had with TPK ?:
(describe as precisely as possible)

Did you manage to solve those problems ?:
How ? (describe as precisely as possible)

Where did you gather the information to solve your problem(s) ?

Which problem remains unsolved ?(write none if you don't have any
Problems with it):

In which language do you use TPK ?:

Is the manual easy to understand ?
Why or whynot?:

Is it easy to find informations about TPK when you need it ?

Do you have TPKhlp help file ?
If yes,where did you get it from ?
Do you find it usefull ?
Any comments to add about TPKhlp ?

Do you have any utilities for TPK ?(name them)
Where did you get them from ?
What do they do ?
Do you find them usefull ?

If you don't use TPK but have tried it:

Why don't you use it ?
Would you use it if something was changed ?
What would need to be changed so that you would use it ?
Describe how it could be changed:

How much does TPK worth ?

How does TPK compare with commercial packet programs ?
...With any other packet program (shareware/freeware)

anything else to add ?

If you have some ideas,suggestions or other comments about TPK or
TPKhlp,put them here:

Anything to say to the author ? (f1ebn):


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