TPK017 By F1RZN (c) 1996
fc1rzn/TPK 1.81 msg #:145 date:11-04-93 time:22:09z

hello to all fellow TPK users,
I saw many requests about setting TPK to another time than the one in
the pc...Like those who have a pc clock set up to utc and want TPK to use
local time.
For doing so,you might do this:
Go under ur TPK directory in dos and type:
Set tz=bst+1
This will put TPK 1 hour ahead your pc time (-1 will set it one
hour behind...And so on)
But this only works for messages...Not for the time displayed in TPK
window,which will stay at your pc time.
Be aware that if you only do that,in the msgs,TPK will put the
time you've set with this command (+1 or whatever you wish)...
But followed by a z...Which can be changed
(z stands for zulu/utc time of course,even if it is not anymore)
...If you don't want the "z" go in your language file and look for the
line which looks like this:
"$0/TPK $1 msg#:$2 date:%date dd-mm-yyz% time:%time h:mm%z"
(line number 407 in english.Lng and 354 in francais.Lng for TPK 1.81 -
if you have later versions,look through francais.Lng and english.Lng as
lines might have been added/deleted )

Just delete the z at the end...And here you are !

...73's de chris fc1rzn
And enjoy TPK !!!

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