TPK096 By F1RZN (c) 1996
F1TPK 1.81 msg #:1370 date:11-04-93 time:19:30

Hi to all TPK users...

Imagine that you could connect to any packet station by simply pressing
2 keys on your keyboard...That would be nice wouldn't it ?

Well,TPK is here to make it possible !

As a try,go under TPK's monitor screen and type the following line:

T s1 c fz1bbs^m
And press [return]
Instead of fz1bbs,put for example the call sign of your local bbs
Or any packet station you can access direct.
...Now what's next ?
...Simply press the keys [shift] and [f1] simultaneously...And watch !
TPK will send connect requests to the call sign you choose instead of
You can program f1 to f10 keys the same way.
For instructions on how to program connections using a node,look
At TPK012 help file and use the same kind of connect path as for
Broadcast commands (but do not put br (callsign) )
Here is an example of a connect string using a node:
T s2 c fn0de^m^7att 240 cnx^mc fz2bbs^m
This will program the f2 key to connect to fz2bbs using fn0de as
The node.
To use it,you'll have to press [shift] and [f2]...
...Got it ?
...But that's not all,you can do more than program connect path.
You can also program broadcast synchro requests for example...
...In fact you can program function keys to do whatever TPK can do.

T s3 ...Will program [shift] and [f3]
T s4 ...Will program [shift] and [f4]..And so on...

Guess what !
You can do the same with ctrl and alt keys which will give you a complete
set of 30 combinations of 2 keys !
To program ctrl key serie,you'll have to type,while in TPK's main screen,
for example:
T c1 ex file1^m
Then create a file called file1 in which you will put what you want TPK
to do.(see TPK703 for an example of file)
Pressing simultaneously [ctrl] and [f1] keys will execute file1...
T c2...Will program the combination of [ctrl] and [f2]...
T c3...Will program the combination of [ctrl] and [f3]...
...I think you've got the point now !

Same thing for [alt] key serie...

[alt] serie is programmed by typing (while in TPK main screen)
For example:

T a1 br gb7gur sy^m

Pressing simultaneously [alt] and [f1] will send a broadcast synchro
request for gb7gur bbs.
You can program the combination of [alt] key with every "f" key (from f1
to f10)

T a2 ...Will program the comnination of [alt] and [f2]..And so on

The general syntax to program function keys is:
T (a,c or s for [alt],[ctrl] or [shift] series)(number of the "f" key)
(what you want it to do)^m
I suggest that you put the function keys and how yo have programmed them
on a piece of paper close to your pc.
Now,while in TPK's main screen,type t a (return) ..This will give you the
list of [alt] function keys...
T c (enter) will give the list of [ctrl] combinations...
T s (enter) will give you the list of [shift] combinations...

Starting with TPK 1.82 you can edit function keys by hitting [alt-t].
If you do this,it will pop up a window with every function keys and you
will be able to modify them as you like...Which is more user friendly !

In order to make sure that the content of the function key is well
Understood by TPK when it is run,i suggest you start your function keys
by ^y
The ^y at the begining of a function key will clear the line before
doing anything else...In case there is a command you have entered at
the keyboard but which you haven't sent to the tnc by hitting [enter].
If you don't do this then the text of the function key will be added to
whatever text remains on the input line and therefore,it won't work
properly....This is of course for function keys which use commands sent
at the keyboard but not for use in messages lists for example.
However ^y could be used for function keys in msgs lists when importing
a text file in order to clear the name of the default path (but not at
the begining in that case)-(see TPK108 for an example of this)

Wait ! don't jump on TPK right now !
There is some more...
Have you ever noticed that during keyboard to keyboard contacts you
are often repeating the same things...Especially the first time you
contact people:things like your working conditions,your name,your qth
...And probably some more...
...Now ! What about sending all those informations by simply pressing
two keys ?
As this needs to be sent while connected,other combinations of keys
have been set aside especially for this:
Create files called messagen.TPK where n is a figure between 0 and 9
...Put in those files a text you want to send to a friend while connected
(ie:your working conditions,your location...)
...Write the texts exactly as you want them to be sent.

While connected,if you press both [alt] and [1] for example,it will send
the content of the file called message1.TPK ...Those files need to be in
the same directory as TPK...
If you press [alt] and [2],it will send the content of message2.TPK...
..Got it ?

...Ain't that usefull ?
...I told you !

I hope that this message makes the use of function keys easier.

As usual,the only limit to TPK is your imagination...

73's de chris f1rzn@gb7gur
And enjoy TPK...

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