TPK106 By F1RZN (c) 1996

Hi there !

That's another request from a bunch of keen TPKers:how to make TPK
Forward only when I decide ...Not every 30 minutes (or whatever).
...You must be joking ! That's almost too easy for you...I mean if you
have already read other TPK help files (try TPK094 for that one) then
you already know how to make a macro command..Don't you ?

Try that one:
(type from TPK's main screen the following line)

Mem rep for I 55^mat %heure%+15 m rep^m

Well,let's imagine that you haven't read TPK094 because you've started
reading this file from the end (i can't see any other reason !)

...This will create a macro command called rep which will set TPK's
forward every 55 minutes...And then it will run itself 15 minutes later
...So 15 minutes later it will set the forward to 55 minutes again...
...Same thing again and again...Therefore the 55 minutes will never
elapse and the forward will never start !

You must run it once so it will start the "cycle"...Type:
M rep
(macro commands are case sensitive)
..And yes it can be done without you pushing the keys:just put m rep
in config.TPK so it will be done automatically.

Then you'll want to make it start at ...Let's say...6 o'clock pm,right ?

Then simply put the following line in your config.TPK:
At 1800 for e
But if you do this there will be a lot of mail to be dowloaded all at
once...So you'd better do this 2 or 3 times...
Like for example:
At 1845 for e
At 2020 for e

...Well,you've got the point now !

Are you sure it's not better to let TPK try it more often ?

...Well,it's up to you...Now you know how to do it anyway,but remember
that you share those few packet frequencies with many other users...
And I would say it's best to let TPK do it's thing alone...I can't see
what's wrong with that !

But if you feel better that way then i've done my job for today !

73 de chris...And enjoy TPK !

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