TPK112 By F1RZN (c) 1996

Hi again !

Ho ! I see,now you want to know why the mouse doesn't always work with
Well first of all,for the mouse to work with TPK under windows,TPK must
be running full screen (not in a small window)...
If it isn't full screen then windows has control over the mouse and
therefore TPK can't use it....

Now ! it appears that some of you still have problems with the mouse
when running it full screen....
Like:for some reason the mouse will work ok under dos but not under
windows (- despite TPK runs full screen -)....I can't garanty it will
work bu try this:
Load the ms dos mouse driver before starting windows and then start TPK
from windows normally...There's a good chance that if TPK didn't find
the mouse before it will now....But don't ask me why !
It shouldn't react this way !

In order to load the mouse driver from dos type:
And hit return
...It should display a text saying the driver has been loaded.
If it works with loading the driver before starting windows then put
In your autoexec.Bat (without anything else on the line)
If your autoexec.Bat has a line with win command then you should put
mouse in a line before it.

Hope this helps...73 de chris

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