TPK097 By F1RZN (c) 1996
fc1rzn/TPK 1.81 msg #:1219 date:16-09-93 time:18:50z

Hi to all TPK users...
Have you ever noticed that when TPK starts forwarding,the bbs will send
back 2 prompts...Even before the actual upload even starts...?
If that's the case then read what follows...

Well,if it was only for the sake of not receiving 2 prompts,this msg would
be useless...But if the link between TPK and the bbs is slow,TPK will
receive one prompt from the bbs after which it will start forwarding ...
Then the bbs will send another prompt which is quite likely
to cause disconnection...

But where does that second prompt comes from ??
...It comes from a cariage return...Obvious! You'll tell me...
...But where does this extra cariage return comes from ???
In fact you've got to know that when TPK starts forwarding it will look up
the connect path you've configured (the one in config.TPK) and it will add
up a carriage return and a "wait delay" of 240 seconds for the bbs prompt..
...Which means that if you've ended your connect path with ^m ,TPK will
send an extra [cr] ...(that's 2 all together)
So if you have such a problem,do not end the connect path in config.TPK
by a ^m .

I hear you say...What's the use of adding that extra [cr] then ?
Well...If it causes disconnection...Take it off...

But it can be usefull if TPK hangs after being connected...

Sometimes,the att 240 > that TPK adds will come after the bbs prompt (that
is when the link is fast)...So you'll need to send an extra [cr] in order
to get that prompt again (so the forward will start)...This might be done
by ending your connect path with ^m ...

The connect path will then look like:
Br gb7gur c gb7gur^m
Br gb7gur c gb7gur^m^7att 240 cnx^m ^m
If you get 2 bbs prompts with this,try the following:
Br gb7gur c gb7gur^m^7att 240 cnx
Or even:
Br gb7gur c gb7gur^m^7att 240 cnx^m^7att 3^m ^m
(it first sends the connect requests to the bbs,then goes in TPK's command
mode and waits (up to 240 seconds) until it actually gets connected
...Then it waits 3 secs and sends a blank with a cariage return which will
give you another bbs prompt... Which should make the forward start...)

(it depends on the setup ,try the four of them if you have some problems)

in most of the cases,you'll only need to have a connect path like this:
Br gb7gur c gb7gur
You'll of course need to replace gb7gur by the callsign of your bbs.

Oh !another interesting detail:if you put a connect path such as:
Br gb7gur c gb7gur^m
(or any kind of connect path for auto fwd ending with ^m)
It might cause the sending of a "c" on connection...But it might help
as mentioned above...It depends on the setting used.
For some more informations about TPK sending a "c" after connecting,
read TPK053
All of the above also applies for connect paths using a node.Read TPK012
for an example of a connect path using a node.

Another detail about conect path:
Sometimes,a direct connect path for auto forward in config.TPK such as:
Br gb7gur c gb7gur
Will not work ok...That is if TPK will not connect at all...
Then you can try 2 things:
Put a connect path such as:
Br gb7gur c gb7gur^mc gb7gur
Or try to reduce the serial port's speed between your pc and your tnc.

I hope that this msg on [cr] problems was clear enough to help you...

So 73 de chris fc1rzn

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