TPK703 By F1RZN (c) 1996
From: g0syb@gb7bmx.#17.Gbr.Eu
To : TPK@gbr

G0syb/TPK 1.81 msg #:1074 date:17-05-93 time:20:00z


Thanks for those that commented on my last offering in script writing. I
have revised and tidied the housekeeping routine by removing the
un-necessary commands and slotting in a few others for good measure! the
file has been written for the sake of getting to know the capabilities of
the TPK command structure. This file isn't intended to be the definitive
script and has been written more as an exercise than anything else. I hope
that this will encourage others to experiment and prompt them to write
their own files. I am still learning and therefore constructive comments
are welcome.

Herewith my latest offering:

---------------------------- cut here ---------------------------

mon 0^matt 2^m@f^m@c^mfe 3^m

echoTPK --------------------
echoTPK executing mail lists
echoTPK housekeeping routine
echoTPK *** please wait ***
echoTPK ---------------------

att 2^mbr gb7bmx e k^matt 2^mbr gb7bmx e 500^matt 2^mbr msg_priv e k^m
att 2^m

echoTPK ---------------------
echoTPK *** all done ***
echoTPK returning to terminal mode
echoTPK ----------------------

fe 10
At 03.00 ex tidy

mon 2

----------------------------- cut here ----------------------------

A few words of explaination may be necessary here so bear with me!

The first line starts with telling the tnc to monitor 0 (i know you use
a kam so put your own command in) then wait 2 seconds then clear both
traffic windows (neat eh?) then close the upper traffic window to just
3 lines. This makes the screen look tidier!

The 'echoTPK' lines are just to get some text in the monitor window.

The line with all the commands in are the housekeep routine similar to
my last effort but tidied up somewhat! (i think that the line is self
explanitory..... I hope!) you need to edit in your own bbs though!

The next important line is the fe 10 line. This will open the bbs
traffic window to it's original size ( alter the 10 to however many
lines you use to monitor the bbs)

Last but not least is the mon 2 which switches the monitor mode back on
on your tnc (whatever the kam command is.

Oh yes... Better not forget the reset for carrying out the routine
again! At 03.00 exe tidy. Make sure this line is set at the same time
that it is in config TPK

Kindest regards


Nb reference re: kam were intended for use by another station.
Kindly disregard these references as appropriate

Note from fc1rzn:this illustrates TPK008

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