TPK120 By F1RZN (c) 1996
Hi to all TPK users...

Have ou ever wondered how many more headers TPK can take before
sufocating,or how many more private messages you can keep in ur
Msg_priv list ???
It all depends,but when there will be no more space,TPK will tell you !
-how ?
-easy:for example if you're trying to select all msgs with a certain text
in the header and it will return to the bbs list before asking you
for the text...Or if you want to put a message to file,but it just won't
let you do so...Or if it even refuses to go to the bbs list !
Then here you are,you've reached the limits...!
Now,you probably want to cure it don't you ??
simply kill several messages (from msg_priv)or delete 2,3 or 4
hundreds of headers from the list...
In some cases,it will refuse to delete headers from
The bbs list...That's when it is best to kill messages in msg_priv list.

Another solution would be to go under the "listes" directory and to
delete the .Lst and .Num files from your bbs (ie:fz1bbs.Lst & fz1bbs.Num)
...But I would suggest this as the last solution to try,as this will make
you start a new list from the begining...Which means that you'll have
to capture again many headers you used to have...(it's a shame to do it
twice,isn't it ?)
...Then you're back with a TPK usable to it's full potential.

73's to all and enjoy TPK...
Chris fc1rzn

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