TPK078 By F1RZN (c) 1996

####### hi to all TPK users...
Imagine that you're behind your pc (running TPK of course) and you feel
like trying something new...
And suddenly you decide to make a little more space available on your
disk using "br" commands for deleting headers....And bang !
Suddenly,something you didn't expect happened:you're looking at your
msg_priv list and you realise that you've just deleted everything but you
regret it !!

Don't cry...Try for example to copy \TPK\listes\msg_priv.Old
To \TPK\listes\msg_priv.Lst (while crossing your fingers) and then try
to go back under TPK,then under the private msgs list and ...Guess what !!
Well,if you're lucky,your list will be back...And even better:if you
haven't killed the messages or deleted the files which contained the msgs
then you'll have TPK back to where it was before !
This is assuming that you use the directories shown above (suggested in

That's not all...You can do the same thing with your bbs list...
(ie:copy fz1bbs.Old to fz1bbs.Lst)

73 and enjoy TPK

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