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fc1rzn/TPK 1.81 msg #:882 date:15-05-93 time:1:00z

Hi to all TPK users,
Now lets talk about TPK and dos.Ve4yz has got something interesting to
say about that,so I leave you to his message.
73's all de chris fc1rzn
...And enjoy TPK...

Hi ... I have never used TPK in any environment other than msdos 5
And have no problem whether it is in dos, in a desqview that TPK does.
The average user in a multitasking environment may not notice that TPK
puts high demands on cpu cycles unless they run some time sensitive task
in the background. In my case I run pcboard 14.5a - a land line ham bbs
with 14.4 baud modem.
TPK does not cause the system to fail but but it just doesn't give up
excess capacity to other background tasks that could use them.
Thus tame is a interim solution.

In windows, setting the pif file for TPK to "detect idle time" has
Little effect. Again overal qth: winnipeg manitoba canada
Data: 204-669-5591 packet: ve4yz@ve4kv.#wpg.Mb.Can.Noam
Internet: athoren@mona.Muug.Mb.Ca

Nb rzn:thanks for your contribution.Who's next ?

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