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Msg #34356 type:b pour:TPK @gbr exp:g7oxk date:940713
Subject:solution for slow clock.

From: g7oxk@gb3kp.#37.Gbr.Eu
To : TPK@gbr

Hello reader,

At the beginimg of june, I issued a bull. Seeking help as when I ran TPK
my computers internal clock slowed down.

I received many replies, mainly from people who had a similar problem,
and also two replies that suggested I removed the mouse.Com from my
autoexec.Bat so that the mouse driver was not installed.
This solved the problem of the slow clock but of course meant that the
mouse was not installed, and had to be manually run before using other
programs that required the mouse.

I received a message on saturday 09/07/94 from f1row who passed on a
message (in french) from gerard f6eiv which gave the correct solution
to this conflict between TPK and mouse driver, on xt pc's amstrad
1512 and 1640's in particular.

As I know there are others "out there" with this problem I now send
main points of the message (in english)!. Hoping it will be of use.

Gerard says that he had heard of clock problem and with amstrad came to
this solution.

Modification of mouse.Com (to correct clock speed with TPK)

Pc 1512:
At address 1afb change mov ax,5555 to mov ax,ffff
At address 0910 change jnz 0920 to jmp 0912

Pc 1640:
At address 1b3b change mov ax,5555 to mov ax,ffff
At address 0948 change jnz 0958 to jmp 094a

To make the modification using debug (1512 shown, 1640 in brackets)
at your dos prompt,

Type debug mouse.Com [cr]
Type a 1afb [cr] (a 1b3b [cr] for 1640)
Type mov ax,ffff then two [cr] (mov ax,ffff and two [cr] for 1640)
type a 0910 [cr] (a 0948 [cr] for 1640)
Type jmp 0912 then two [cr] (jmp 094a and two [cr] for 1640)
Type w [cr] to save the modified mouse.Com program.

You should now find you can run your mouse again as usual, and use it
with TPK.

It has worked ok on my 1640.

73's de john g7oxk @ gb3kp

Nbrzn:that message from f6eiv was taken from a group of french messages
on hints and tricks about dos...There are 50 of them...Very interesting !

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