TPK702-3 By F1RZN (c) 1996

Hi to all TPK users,

Those who wish people who connect to them to get a help file for remote
commands in english should put the following instead of the content of
the file named aide.

I * TPK remote commands * i

/ope calls the operator
/log list of heard stations
/dir [x:[\path\][file[.Ext]
/msg to leave a message
On the disk.
/send [x:]fichier[.Ext] [p]
Sending of file.Ext with
Yapp protocol (p=y) or
Without protocol (p=a).
Yapp is default.
/disk [x:] changes to x: drive
Or gives the current drive.
/free [x:] gives the free space
On the x: drive
/aide sends this help file
/bye disconnects
/cd or /chdir changes the directory

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