TPK122 By F1RZN (c) 1996

Hi again !
Ho ! now you've gone that far down the help list,you really deserve
a special gift...Few ,very few people know about what follows...
(but it must stay between you and me,keep it in the closet !)

There is a much simpler way to deal with the "/info not working" syndrome
...Look at the file execauto.TPK which is in your main directory.
Below each command you put in there,there's a line which says either
oui or non ...Well,this oui tells TPK to swap the receive buffer when
the remote command is executed and non tells it...Not to swap it !
Ok,fine...Now what ?
Lets imagine that...For some strange reason of yours you'd like to put
info.Exe and all info.000 info.001 and so on in a separate directory....
Lets say c:\info (for example !!!)
Now,right next to the oui or non below info in execauto.TPK put a space
and then c:\info
...Now guess what !
Yes ! TPK will look for info.Exe in c:\info and....You can also put all
your info.000 (and so on) text files in there too !!
The choice of the directory is all yours of course !
Execauto.TPK will then look like this:
Oui c:\info

Don't forget that you need 2 blank lines for each argument you authorise.
(in this example only 1 is authorised...There's no need for more anyway
as info.Exe only takes one argument )
And that's not quite all:this works for all remote commands...
Is that cool or what ??

Fine ! Now that's all for /info...And I mean it !

Read TPK091 and TPK121 for more details about remote commands.

Enjoy TPK...