TPK015 By F1RZN (c) 1996
fc1rzn/TPK 1.80 msg #:629 date:20-03-93 time:01:59:35
Hello to all TPK users.
After quite a few weeks of TPK advice,i've found that a problem seems
to occur really often:
When you connect to your local bbs,nothing happens...It just
stays connected...
Or it starts uploading but get stuck before uploading a full message.
Things which should cure this problem are:
Check that you have the following set correctly:
Xflow off
Start $00
Stop $00
Xon $00
Xoff $00
I know that it works with a kpc3 from kantronics and a pk232 but it will
also work for other tncs....Look in the .Set files in your TPK directory
to see if you can find a file for your tnc...

The followings can make other problems occure if not set correctly

Su off
Newmode off ( see TPK053 )
Nomode on ( see TPK053 )
Pid off ( see TPK002 )

If you experience some problems like TPK gets stuck after connecting...
In the connect path,add a "^m" at the end of the line (2 ^m all together)
look in TPK097 for informations on this matter...
(all those can be included in config.TPK if not already)
You also need to know that you need a dcd line in order that TPK works
properly (if you don't have one,the upload won't start at all)
You must know that there is no "standard" config file
Because there are so many different set up (combinaison
of computer/modem...)it is impossible to give a config file which will
work for everyone.
This means that in some cases,you will have to create your own.
To make it easier,look at the supplied config files and compare them
with your own needs (read the help lines included in the files).
Those "help lines" are most of the time in french....But don't worry,
some translated versions are available.
If you need TPK 1.81,it is available for download from gb7gur on
the modem port.For more details,send a message to gu4ymv@gb7gur

This message has already been sent on the british network when TPK v 1.80
Came out.

73 and enjoy TPK version 1.81.
Chris fc1rzn@gb7gur

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