TPK008 By F1RZN (c) 1996
fc1rzn/TPK 1.81 msg #:887 date:17-05-93 time:16:59z

Hi to all TPK users,
If you want TPK to do something every day (something means anything TPK
can do while unatended):
Put in config.TPK the following:
At 1230 ex file1
Then create a file named file1 (or whatever you want as long as it
With what you want TPK to do in it,ie:

#begining of file1:
Br gb7gur e k
Br gb7gur e 300
#you must put the following line:
At 1330 ex file2
#for the line above,you can also use variable time (read TPK098 for
#more informations)
#important:file2 must be executed after file1
#end of file1.

Then create a file named file2

#begining of file2:
#this will set the execution of file1 for the next day:
At 1230 ex file1
#important:file1 must be executed before file2
#end of file2

Put whatever you want in file1,but as long as
You put the line which will execute file2 in it.

Change the times to suit your needs,but respect conditions mentioned
Your computer needs to be switched on before the time at which file1
is executed.

Let your imagination put TPK's limits further every time.
There are hundreds of applications for this such as:
Stop your station from transmitting during tv hours(use "xmitok off"
command),clean the bbs list or msg_priv list ( see TPK703 ),auto connect
to your dxcluster every day at the same time....
Remember that such programs will be canceled after 24 hours...
...This is why you need to use the above "trick" in order to have
Something done every day !

73's and enjoy TPK ...
De chris fc1rzn

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