TPK103 By F1RZN (c) 1996

Hello to baycom users...

I suppose it's a bug in early versions of tncded driver...
When synchronising,right after sending the request to the bbs,TPK will
sometimes go to a 'connect' state..Sometimes with no callsign at all
or sometimes showing 'connected to g9xxx' ..Where g9xxx can be a callsign
previoulsy connected,or maybe just heard (not too sure on that).
Anyway,it appears that setting newmode on and nomode off will cure this
The normal setting for a baycom is newmode off and nomode on but if it
works better otherwise don't be afraid to change these !

In case some other problems occur,try toggling each of those parameters
between on and off ...One at a time...They seem to create problems when
switching from command mode to unproto or to converse...See TPK053 for
another example of those problems...
TPK switches between those modes when it connects or when it sends an
unproto request for broadcast headers to the bbs.

As usual...If you don't have the problem,don't change those parameters.
I only have few infos on baycom and TPK so if you have experienced some
problems and managed to cure theme,please make yourself known as your
experience could avoid other users wasting time on such problems.

73 de chris

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