TPK010 By F1RZN (c) 1996
fc1rzn/TPK 1.81 msg #:932 date:26-05-93 time:15:53z

Hi to all TPK users...
Have you ever wondered what would happen if your bbs's sysop suddenly
had to change the numbers allocated to msgs for a lower value ?
Lets imagine that the last message you received was number 101300
And for a probably good reason,your sysop must change that...Then
the last message becomes number 36000...Guess what !
Well,TPK won't take new broadcasts into acount as it will be
Expecting numbers bigger than 101300 and he will only receive
headers up to 36000...And a litle bit more if new mail arrives.
Do you see what I mean ?
And no need to ask for a syncro,as the bbs will ignore it.
Then what ?
-easy:just go under the "listes" directory and delete the files named
fz1bbs.Lst and fz1bbs.Num (except that it will be your bbs's call
instead of fz1bbs)
Then TPK will either start a new list with the first header it
Receives or with the oldest message available for broadcast on your
bbs if you ask for a syncro before receiving any header.

...Another thing...You'll still have in your "listes" directory a
Sub-directory named by the callsign of your bbs,in which you'll have all
the messages you've asked TPK to download...You'll still be able to read
them using a file editor,but if you have deleted the list then you won't
be able to read them using TPK...

You might wonder "what about using the broadcast commands for
Deleting those headers ?" ...
Useless for that, as TPK will keep the numbers.

If you want to keep the old list then read TPK011 for further info...

73's to all and enjoy TPK...
De chris fc1rzn

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