TPK098 By F1RZN (c) 1996
F1TPK 1.81 msg #:100980 date:24-09-93 time:22:46ft

Hi to all TPK users,
You probably saw the help messages about cleaning routines
( TPK008 / TPK703 ) about macro commands ( TPK094 ) and about function keys
( TPK096 )
have you noticed that when you want to program the execution of a file
you need to put a defined time ?
Well...In fact you don't really have to know the exact time at which your
station will be on the air running TPK so that a file can be executed.

You can for example ask TPK to execute a file with your cleaning routine
20 minutes after TPK is started...(it could be 30 or more...It's up to
you in fact)...
Let's say that your file containing the cleanup routine is called tidy...
Create a macro by typing the following:
Mem tid at %heure%+20 ex tidy (then hit enter)
(this macro is called tid and executes the file called tidy 20 minutes
after it is run)
Then add the following line in your config.TPK:
M tid^m

Variables must be used through a function key,a macro or a program...
(ie:a file executed with "ex" command...).

The file called tidy needs to be in your TPK directory of course.
You can call those files by whatever name you wish of course !
And you can also ask TPK anything else it can do while unmanned.

This will execute the file called tidy 20 minutes after the macro is
run (20 minutes after TPK is started if you include m tid^m
In config.TPK)
For more details about macro commands,read TPK094 .

Now! whatelse ?
_go under TPK's main screen and type for example:
T c9 echoTPK %date% the time is %time%^m
(this configures a function key)

Then simultaneously type [ctrl] & [f9] keys...And look !
Read TPK096 for more precise informations about function keys.

That's only a small example of what you can do...Let your imagination put
TPK's limit further.You can use this for including the date & time in a
file automatically captured...

You can also use that in macro commands...Which i'm sure you'll find
But be aware that those variables will only work ok if used through a
program,a function key or a macro command...But if you type them "as is"
from the keyboard,you might not get what you want.

Want some more ?
Then I suggest you read the doc files for finding out about the variable
called %path% .

73's and enjoy TPK...

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