TPK109 By F1RZN (c) 1996

Hello dear TPK user,

You might find problems when trying to encode files with 7plus into
messages (that function is included in TPK v 1.82 and above).
...You know,when you create a message and you hit alt-7 for encoding
a file to 7plus...Well,some users have found that this will not work if
the receive buffer is swapped on ems ...Instead they have to use xms.
(for doing this put in config.TPK:sw on xms )

With TPK set up to use ems ,right after 7plus has been called and before
7plus parts are imported in messages,the pc will reboot itself...Weird !

But the only thing you have to do in this case is:use xms.
...The use of ems for swapping the buffer might also cause other kinds
of problems so watch out and if you can,try to use xms instead.
...Needless to say that if you have problems with xms...Try ems !!!

Sw on xms
In config.TPK ...

Every pc might not have that kind of problem...But in case yours has,
you'll know what to do !

73 de chris f1rzn
And enjoy TPK...

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