TPK095 By F1RZN (c) 1996
Path: !gb7lwb!gb7ben!

From: g8ccv@gb7ben.#43.Gbr.Eu
To : TPK@www

G8ccv @ gb7ben.#43.Gbr.Eu/TPK 1.81 msg # 702 date:02-07-93 time:10:50z

Hello TPK'ers. Fancy having your callsign @ bbs at the top of your
message similar to mine??
Then edit your language file, ie, english.Lng.
Look for the following text and edit the bottom line...

"$0 is not a managed bbs"
"number of the last header received:$1 new messages from $0 to$1"
"no headers received from this bbs"
"no bbs known (see broadcast command)"
"$0 @ gb7ben.#43.Gbr.Eu/TPK $1 msg # $2 date:%date dd-mm-yyz% time:%time h:mmz%z

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ this is where your address goes.

Once you have done this, save and restart TPK. Remember that
you have personalised the language file and this should not be
Distributed to other users, without re-editing the address.

Did you know that if 7+ creates a correction file ( filename.Err )
then TPK will send it to you from 7plus in your msg_priv. You will
have to manually send the file to the originator ot the corrupt 7+ file
as TPK is not aware who sent it.
In return a correction file will arrive ( some hope !! )
filename.Cor, which is then used to correct the 7+ metafile.

Hope this may be of some use.??

73 mick

[fin msg #92977 de g8ccv ]
1:gb7gur bbs>

Msg #93313 type:b pour:TPK @ww exp:g8ccv date:930705
Subject:did you know this, 7+ extra

From: g8ccv@gb7ben.#43.Gbr.Eu
To : TPK@www

G8ccv @ gb7ben.#43.Gbr.Eu/TPK 1.81 msg # 748 date:05-07-93 time:17:06z

Hello all. Further to my bull about TPK sending you a message from
7plus should a non correctable error be discovered when decoding a 7plus
file, here is an example...

Message of 7plus the 05-07-93 to 09h28
Go_text. TPKinst.Err
7plus error report: TPKinst.Zip 050 45943
022 fff
Crc ea37

The text above appeared in the msg_priv area addressed to g8ccv
From 7plus

73 mick

Msg #93325 type:b pour:TPK @ww exp:g8ccv date:930705
Subject:another english.Lng tweak...

From: g8ccv@gb7ben.#43.Gbr.U
To : TPK@www

G8ccv @ gb7ben.#43.Gbr.Eu/TPK 1.81 msg # 751 date:05-07-93 time:0:53z

Hello TPK'ers. Here's another line from my language file that you might
want to insert into your enlish.Lng file. Here is an xample below...

"synchronising with $0 msg#$1. Last rx'd msg#$2. Delta of $3."


Look for section 160 and copy the text above into the file.

It's a bit better then " synchro...." isn't it ??

As you can see, as long as you keep the variables, $0, $1, $2 and
$3 then you can put whatever text you like.

$0 = bbs
$1 = message number last seen by TPK from bbs
$2 = last message number on disk
$3 = the difference between $1 and $2

My language file is permeated , wow, how come I knew that word !, by
phrases that give life and meaning to TPK. See what you can do, but
carefully !

73 mick
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