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Subject:"error in config file" message and the solution
F1TPK 1.81 msg #:1123 date:27-06-94 time:1:46z

Hi !

>hi. Can anyone help with the following problems I am having with TPK.
>recently when closing down the programme (alt x) the computer produces
>the dreaded error beep and on screen the following message appears...
>error in config file
>press any key

There are two possible reasons for this:

1) when exiting,TPK reads config-x.TPK ...In the same way as it
reads config.TPK when starting....There might be something in config-x.TPK
which upsets the program.

2)if you have set your path in dos to your TPK directory and have started
TPK from a directory in which it isn't then it is likely to give you an
"error in config file" message; when you start or exit TPK,it will look
for a config file in the directory where you are..And if that's not the
TPK directory then it will not find the config file and give you that
error message.

Now what about starting TPK from any directory you wonder !?

If you want to start it from any directory,create a file called
(for example) pkt.Bat in a directory where your path is always set to;
c:\dos is a pretty safe bet....

For doing this,go under dos and type:

Edit pkt.Bat
(then hit return) ...And in the file put the following 5 lines:
Echo off

(then hit alt-f to exit and choose "quit"... It will ask you if you want
to save the file....Answser yes !)

That is if c:\TPK\ is your TPK directory...
If you have named it c:\radio\TPK181\ then the file will look like:

Echo off

The first line will switch off the echo so you wont see all the command
lines when you call the .Bat file.
The second line puts you on the c: drive ...If TPK is in another drive,
change this to suit your need !
The 3rd puts you in your TPK directory
The 4th line starts TPK...
Then the last line puts you back under the root after you exit from TPK.
(you can put a "@" sign in front of the "echo off" command if you don't want
that command to appear when you will run the file...)

Then you'll be able to start TPK anywhere by typing pkt(return)
...Or whatever you have called the .Bat file !
Those .Bat files are refered to as "batch" files and they can be used to
start any program in the same way...

For the same reasons as describe above for config-x.TPK or config.TPK,
you might get the message:

>erreur fichier/error file TPK.Cfg
>hit a key

Same problem as above:that's because it can't find TPK.Cfg in the current

...The .Bat file will get you out of those troubles.

73 de chris_f1rzn
And enjoy TPK...

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