TPK702-1 By F1RZN (c) 1996


fc1rzn/TPK 1.81 msg #:2000 july the 4th.

Hi to all TPK users...
Have you ever had this problem ?:
TPK starts downloading msgs from the bbs and everything seems ok...
...A msg is successfully downloaded,and maybe two...
But then on the 2nd or 3rd one (it's an example but it could be 4th or
...The bbs will send the message correctly ,but TPK will stop receiving
It will just ignore it...Apart from this,TPK will still work,but it will
refuse to download more than a certain (small) number of msg at a time.

...Try to increase the size of your buffer in config.Sys (dos configu-
-ration file) and then start TPK and try again...There is a chance that
it will then work...
Anyway,if you have this problem,you'll know what to do.

Original from fc1rhx@ff2ly,marc;translated by chris fc1f1rzn.
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