TPK003 By F1RZN (c) 1996
fc1rzn/TPK 1.81 msg #:706 date:20-03-93 time:0:55z

***hello to all TPK users***
Have you ever had some messages refused by your bbs when uploading with
TPK ? (a message is refused when it is marked "-" )
if the answer is yes,then you must be aware that if your bbs does
(or did) reverse forwarding to your pms,it will remember the numbers that
your pms has allocated to the uploaded messages..And if you upload another
message using TPK,with the same number,it will be refused...
therefore,if you have previously done some reverse forwarding from your
pms/pbbs to ur local bbs,be sure you have put a value high enough in
TPKinst for the the next message to be uploaded.
Read TPK077 for some more informations...

73 and enjoy TPK

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