TPK704 By F1RZN (c) 1996

From: oz1cqd@oz2bbs.Kbh.Sjl.Dnk.Eu
To : TPK@ww

Oz1cqd/TPK 1.81 dato:27-09-93 tid:21:52 [kokkedal,jo65fv] besked#:435

Hello dear om !

If you use TPK (a nice program) to get your mail from your local bbs,
but have the problem that you have to connect again to kill the
Mail you have just received from the bbs...

But here is a solution so you won't have to connect to the bbs and kill
your messages.

In your config.TPK, at the line with this command :

Br (homebbs) c (homebbs)
Ex. Br oz2bbs c oz2bbs

You'll have to change the command to this :

br (homebbs) c (homebbs)^m^7att 180 >^mkm^m

br oz2bbs c oz2bbs^m^7att 180 >^mkm^m

Then when TPK will connect to the bbs it will send "km"
Before starting forwarding, and if you have mail that you have read,
or downloaded with the TPK/fbb forward, the command will kill it.

If there is mail that you haven't read or haven't dowloaded with the
TPK/fbb forward, the bbs will only tell you that this mail can not be

But try it......

73 vy de oz1cqd / kim @ oz2bbs.Kbh.Sjl.Dnk.Eu

Nbrzn:read TPK097 regarding (cr) at the end of a connect path,you might
have problems especially if your connect path is long...(ie:via 1 or
more nodes)...With the kpc3 by kantronics a problem has been noticed:
The ^m at the end was making the tnc to disconect from the bbs...
This was tried on 2 kpc3 and only one showed the problem...
In that case,just end the connect path above with km instead of km^m.

Another way of doing this would be for example to put in config.TPK:
M km^m
(this will run the macro command called km every time TPK is started)
and then create a macro called km by typing (while under TPK's main screen):

Mem km at %heure%+20 ex kma^m
This will execute the file called kma 20 minutes after the macro is run
...In other words after TPK is started...
...You can of course change those 20 mins to whatever you want.

Then create a file called kma in your TPK directory with something like:
#begining of file:
C fz1bbs
^7att 240 >
^7att 240 >
#end of file

You'll of course have to replace fz1bbs by the callsign of your bbs.
If you're connecting through a node then the file will look like:
#begining of file
C fn0de
^7att 240 cnx
C fz1bbs
^7att 240 >
^7att 240 >
#end of file
Fn0de must be replaced by the callsign or allias of the node through
which you connect to your bbs.

Read TPK008 if you want it to be done every day
73's de chris

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