TPK102 By F1RZN (c) 1996

Hello !
A friend of mine has had a lot of troubles with remote commands...
For some strange reasons,they didn't wan't to work properly...
He had to be behind the keyboard and hit [return] for them to work...
His tnc was a kpc3 and he found out that the problem occured when
He had changed channel on his tnc...Remote commands commands wouldn't
work if the tnc wasn't operating from channel a ...
Even when there's only one channel connected...If it wasn't a then it
wouldn't work.

The reasons for this remain a mistery but if you ever come across such
a problem...Then try other channels...The kpc3 might not be the only
tnc to create such problems..
The problem didn't occur on mine so it might only be a bug in some
Firmware version(s).

Needless to say that if the channel is displayed at the begining of each
line like it often is in multi connect mode...Then remote commands are
very unlikely to work !

73 de chris

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