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Msg #40616 type:b pour:TPK @gbr exp:g1inu date:941110 taille:1972
sujet: appending 73.Txt in v1.82
R:941031/1723z @:gb7evy.#16.Gbr.Eu #:12277 [west_lancs] $:2439_g1inu

From: g1inu@gb7evy.#16.Gbr.Eu
To : TPK@gbr

Msg created by mark in TPKv1.82 at 17:21z on 31:10:94.

Hi TPK'ers

If like me you used a TPK utility called mailfilter in TPKv1.81 to
append the contents of a file called 73.Txt to the end of each message,
then you may be interested in the following macro.

As it is so much easier to create and run user defined macro/function
keys in v1.82 the following is easy to set up

I added the following line to a function key macro,
In my case ctrl f1: @r^y73.Txt^m@0@61@

As soon as I finish writing a message in TPKv1.82 I hit ctrl f1 to run
the macro. It adds the contents of c:\TPK\73.Txt to the end of a msg
and then saves that msg as if I had pressed the f3 key.

The @r means alt r

The ^y means clear the line

The ^m means carriage return

The @0@61@ means f3

Note: saving a message with f3 indents the text 2 or 3 spaces from the
left margin, if you prefer to save with f2 which does not indent the text,
swapp @0@61@ to @0@60@

Note from f1rzn:you can put the full path in the function key if it is in
another directory than TPK ...In which case,in the function key replace
^y73.Txt by ^yc:\TPK182\info\73.Txt (for example,if the file you want to
add is 73.Txt in the directory named c:\TPK182\info\ ).
Very nice contribution mark !

73's cul.. Mark : g1inu : co-sysop at gb7evy for bulletins & TPK.

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