TPK012 By F1RZN (c) 1996
fc1rzn/TPK 1.80 msg #:408 date:15-01-93 heure:13:51:16

Hello to all TPK users.
I realised that one of the more common problems found by the users
is:how to configure TPK so when it forwards it will do it via a
node instead of a digi.
here is how to do it:
Put the 2 following lines in config.TPK :
Br fz1bbs u fz1bbs v fd1gi
Br fz1bbs c fn0de^m^7att 120 cnx^mc fz1bbs^m

(the "^7" might not always be necessary,it depends on your setting,but
it's safer to put it)
Where fz1bbs must be replaced by the callsign of the bbs you use;
Fn0de must be replaced by the callsign of the node you're using to
reach your bbs;and replace fd1gi by the callsign of a digipeating
station which can hear you and the bbs.
The first line indicates the path for requesting the unproto
Headers.As this happens in an unconnected,unacked mode,you can't do it
via a node, it has to be done either directly or via a digi.
But you can upload/download mail through a node as described above.
Read TPK097 for informations on cariage returns at the end of a connect
73 and enjoy TPK.
Chris fc1rzn.

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