TPK107 By F1RZN (c) 1996

F1TPK 1.82 msg #:9724 le 3/11/94 a 0:18z

Hi dear TPK users,

Here is how to get a kick out of your new TPK version !

You probably know that while in messages lists you can quickly select for
examples...All messages sent to TPK or to astro ....Or whatever you
want of course.... (all selecting criterions can be used)

Yes ! You really can change these to suit your own needs.

For this you'll have to use keys from 0 to 9 ...

Each key can (and should really) be programmed differently.

The "program" for [0] is stored in the macro command named MSGLST0,
the one for [1] is stored in the macro command named MSGLST1 ...
And so on until [9] which matches MSGLST9 !
For running them...It's easy ! Just hit the key you want...

But how on earth can I program them ???

Well...It's not that difficult either...

From TPK's main screen type:

(MSGLST0 m u s t be in upper case)

This will configure the [0] key to select all messages which have TPK
in their header.

You see ! they can be created just like other macro commands !

How do I know what to put ?

Easy ! you know that when you're in messages lists you hit [s] to access
the selection menu ...
Then once you are in the menu you have 2 ways of using it:

1) with up and down arrows
2) by hitting the high lighted key in the line...(that's what we'll use
for making macro commands)
Well...In these macro commands (from MSGLST0 to MSGLST9) you simply put
all the keys you successively hit ...

Like for example,if you want to select all messages from a certain
Callsign you can hit the "<"key (while in the selection menu which
is accessed by hitting "s" )
Then you'll get a small window in which you will put the callsing
of the ham by who messages you want to select have been sent.
Lets say that you want to select all messages sent by f1xyz...

Then you'll simply enter f1xyz and press enter...

Now lets take a look at all the keys you've pressed for selecting
these msgs:

(cariage return)

The symbol for "cariage return" TPK understands in macro commands is: ^m

Therefore if you want to do this selection automatically by hitting [1]
from messages lists,then from TPK's main screen type:

Mem is the command to create the macro command
MSGLST1 is the name for the macro command which TPK understands as
Matching the [1] key.
Then s Messages sent by f1xyz (if you were doing it manually)

All messages sent to TPK7 (for example) by hitting [9] would be:

Mem MSGLST9 s>TPK7^m

All messages marked r by hitting [1] would be:

Mem MSGLST1 smr

...Because for doing this manually from messages lists you have to hit
s then m then r

...It is as simple as this !

...Now you know:these macro commands contain the keys you should hit
to do the same thing manually...
However,there is one exception:the bbs field
If you want to select (for example) all bulletins @eu the text of the
macro command would have to be:

And not:
Like you might have expected.

Another important detail:in messages lists,at the bottom of the
screen there is a border with a short description of these specific
macro commands...If you have changed any of these macro commands i
strongly suggest that you change its description in the border which
is located in your language file (english.Lng or francais.Lng).

And to close this message I will say that instead of creating
macro commands by using the mem command you can use the macro
Commands window which is called by hitting [alt-m]
(=by hitting simultaneously alt key and m key)

Remember:macro commands are case sensitive...Which means that as TPK
calls them in upper case,you must record them in upper case.

You can do so many things with macro commands !
If you want more details about macro commands I suggest that you
read TPK094 .

73 de chris...And enjoy TPK...

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