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sujet: altering msg_priv.Lst / .Num ...
F1TPK 1.82 msg #:7220 le 2/01/95 a 1:48z

Hi there !
Happy new year....
I've read that potential server authors were wondering how to write to
msg_priv.Lst and msg_priv.Num ....Well if I understood that right,what
they want to do in fact is add messages to the list (whatelse ?!?!?!).

This is where TPK v 1.82 comes to your rescue...
TPK 1.82 has the ability to import messages from text files....
>what does it mean ?
Well,it means that as long as you can produce a text file in the right
format,TPK can turn it into messages...And it will write to msg_priv.Num
txmsg and msg_priv.Lst ...So you won't even have to worry about that !
If messages are not for the owner of the station,they will be forwarded
to his local bbs like other outgoing messages in msg_priv.

Here is the extract of the manual which explains this...I hope it's
clear enough (comments about this are welcome)

7.8.6 messages import file

TPK checks if it can find an import file each time the forward timer
elapses.This file must contain the s command as used by many bbs

first line:
sb [destination] @ [bbs] < [sender] $ [bid]

sb means it is a bulletin,sp would have to be used in case of a private
message.[destination] is the call sign of the ham to whom the message is
to be sent (=the recipient) or the category if it's a bulletin.
[bbs] is the bbs on which the message is to be sent or the distribution
area if it's a bulletin.

[bid] is the message's identification.If a bid is specified on the same
line as the s command,it will be kept "as is" by TPK.
otherwise TPK will generate a bid like it usually does when you write a
message with the built in editor.

spaces are not mandatory

sb TPK @eu
second line:title of the message

Then follows the actual content of the message.


messages handled like this will be imported in msg_priv and will be
forwarded to your local bbs declared with broadcast commands if they
are not for you.The first bbs declared with br commands will be used.

The default name for this file is mail.In but it can be modified with
the forward command.


forward import [file_name]


For im mymail.Txt

With the above command,TPK will look for mymail.Txt instead of mail.In .
The import file can be used for example by servers.(this command should
be placed in config.TPK if needed)
Although the name of the import file can be changed i'd suggest to
Servers authors that they use mail.In for their output file;otherwise
TPK users who will use such servers would have to change the default
name ...In this case they won't be able to use other servers at the
same time which would be a shame !

Here is an example of such a file:
SbTPK@ Altering msg_priv.Lst / .Num ...
Hi there !
Happy new year...
73 de chris

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