TPK105 By F1RZN (c) 1996

Hello dear TPKer !

Have you ever had someone connecting to you while you are in a dos shell
under TPK ? (by pressing f3)
...And then,by the time you're back in TPK that person lost patience and
has disconnected...

Then you wished there was a way of telling this friendly ham that you
were going to be available soon after you had finished what you were doing.

Ok ! you've got the point !

There's an easy way of doing this...
Create a file named for example qrx.Bat...For this you can use any ascii
/text editor...Lets do it with edit,the dos editor.
First of all,go under your dos diectory (usually c:\dos\) by typing
cd\dos (return) from anywhere on your hard disk...
(if you dos directory is named differently then cd\ must be followed by the
name of your directory)

...Then type edit qrx.Bat (return)
And in the file put the following line:
Echo i'm under dos,please wait a few seconds,i'm starting TPK >com1

And exit the editor by hitting [alt][f] simultaneously.

In the above example the text is sent to the serial port com 1...
If your tnc is on another port you must put that port instead of
Com1 (ie:com2,com3...)
You can,of course,change the text according your needs...As long as
the line starts with echo and ends with >com1 (or whatever port your
tnc is on)

The reason for which we created that qrx.Bat file in c:\dos\ is because
it must be found in your path...In other words you must be able to use
it from any directory,from any drive...

Now we have created it,lets use it...Picture this:

You're running TPK and for a good reason you need to use the doshell
...Then while you're doing your dos stuff one of your friends connects
to you...And guess what !...Just type qrx and hit return and bang !
Your friend will receive a small msg from you asking him to wait for
you while you're finishing your stuff...
And this also works even if you are not running TPK at all...
...Sometimes in can take quite a long time for TPK to start and read
config.TPK ...Enough time for the ham who connects to you to loose patience
...So what do you say ?

...I know,it's more a dos trick than a TPK one but I find it usefull from
time to time...

Now you've got a mean of letting your friends know that you're starting
TPK and joining them...

73 and as usuall..Enjoy TPK...

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