TPK002 By F1RZN (c) 1996
fc1rzn/TPK 1.81 msg #:702 date:19-03-93 time:21:47z

Hello to all TPK users.

Before anything,make sure you can monitor other stations and especially
your local fbb bbs...You must receive those TPK headers if you want
to have compressed forwarding.
In most tncs you have a command named "monitor"...Make sure this is
set to "on" so you can see ongoing trafic...In some tncs the command
will be different and you'll need to enter a figure instead of the "on"
...Read your tnc's manual for more details.

If you use a kantronics tnc (this also applies to many others)
Be aware that when you turn the "pid" command on,you will not be able to
use TPK facilities...It won't take into account the msg headers sent by the
Putting "pid on" will display some non ax25 info in brackets...And TPK
won't recognise them as headers....So be sure not to set it on.
but the default value for "pid" is off in most tncs,so as long as you
don't change it...No need to worry.
Another parameter to which you must pay attention is headerln...It must
be on,otherwise TPK won't recognise the msg headers broadcasted by the bbs.
Put 'headerln on' in your config.TPK if it isn't already.

And one very important detail:you must be authorised by your bbs's sysop
in order to be able to request TPK headers,so if it doesn't work,then
ask your sysop about this...
You can usually tell you are not authorised when the bbs replies something
123456 / fx1TPK
...Every time you send an unproto request to it.

(where 123456 is the number of the last message on the bbs and fx1TPK is
your call sign)
A request can be manually sent by typing the following command while in
TPK's main screen:
Br gb7gur sy
( where gb7gur is to be replaced with the callsign of your bbs as declared
with "br commands" in config.TPK....Read TPK012 for an example of such
commands or the manual for more details )

73 and enjoy TPK
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