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Msg #5350 type:p pour:TPKhlp @gb7gur exp:f1rzn date:800000
F1TPK 1.81 msg #:5350 date:30-11-79 time:1:30z

I've often received msgs asking me what were config-1;config-2 and config-x

...Lets start from the begining :

In fact when you start TPK it reads config.TPK ...
I'm sure you already know that !...And in config.TPK you put the
parameters you want your tnc to have when you'll use it...
(=the configuration !)
Right ?
Now ! what about having different parameters for when TPK is not in use ?
...Like for example a ctext which will say something like:

"i'm away;terminal is off,pse leave a msg on gb7gur"

...This is where config-x.TPK comes into action !

When you press alt-x to exit TPK, it will read config-x.TPK ...And send its
content to the tnc...
In the same way as it reads config.TPK when it starts !
And in this file you can set a ctext you want your tnc to have while your
pc will be off...Or simply not running TPK !

You can also put any kind of parameter which would configure your tnc
to suit the situation...Ctext is one of them but there are many others...
The beacon for example ! you don't need to send a beacon when the terminal
is off,do you ?

Well,now you know what config-x is !

Now what about config-1.TPK/config-2.TPK ???

Try from TPK's main screen to type:i (then hit return)
Then you'll see it reads config.TPK !
Then try:i 1 (return)
...It will read config-1.TPK !
I 2 (return)
...This will read...Config-2.TPK of course !
So in config-1.TPK ,config-2.TPK (...And so on) you can have alternative
tnc configurations which you can call from the monitoring screen !
And if you need more of those alternative configurations,you can create
other config-n.TPK files (with n any figure from 0 to 9) !
And you call them using the command
I n
(from TPK's main screen !)

That's all there is to it !

It can be usefull if you swapp between tncs,if you often change between
hf and vhf/uhf pkt (there are several parameters which need to be different
when you work hf pkt...The "on the air" speed (hbaud),paclen,maxframe...
So it's really usefull !

That's all for now !
73 to all and enjoy TPK...

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