TPK077 By F1RZN (c) 1996
fc1rzn/TPK 1.81 msg #:1706 date:20-03-93 time:0:55z
(this is an update of "pms and TPK be careful")

***hello to all TPK users***

Have you ever had some messages refused by your bbs when uploading with
TPK ? (a message is refused when it is marked "-" )
if the answer is yes,then you must be aware that if your bbs does
(or did) reverse forwarding to your pms,it will remember the numbers
that your pms has allocated to the uploaded messages..And if you upload
another message using TPK,with the same number,it will be refused...
Therefore,if you have previously done some reverse forwarding from your
pms/pbbs to ur local bbs,be sure you have put a high enough value
in TPKinst for the the next message to be uploaded.
...Now,do you want to know how to get rid of those refused msgs in your
list ? go under msg_priv list,place the cursor on the refused msg and...
Just type (ctrl-y) then [k] ,and it will get killed...
... For version 1.80 only,as with version 1.81,[k] will do the job

Ho! By the way...You can use this for the bbs list too!
Like for example if you want to download a message which you accidentally
killed...Despite you still needed it !
Type (ctrl-u) while the cursor is on the killed msg and then,flag it
...And if the message is still on the bbs...You'll get it !
Want some more ?
Did you know that you can run config.TPK while in the main screen ?
(config.TPK is the file which is executed every time you start TPK and
which configures your tnc)
Just press [i] and watch !
This can be useful if you're doing a soft reset and that your tnc has
been returned to it's factory default values...
Read TPK092 for more informations about config files.

73 and enjoy TPK

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