TPK110 By F1RZN (c) 1996

Hello there !

Now....Did you know that macro commands were the ideal thing for lazy
people ?
Well...Even if you're not lazy,you might like to let your pc do as much
as possible...

...Here is one for you:
Have you ever realised that when you reply to a message by hitting [r]
from TPK's list,you have to validate the destination,the message type and
the title....

...It's only a matter of hitting several times [return] but why doing it
if the computer can do it itself ?
After all,you hardly ever change the destination,the msg type or the
title when you reply to a msg (the destination is automatically correct,
the type is always p and for the title,"re: ..." will do the job very

Well,instead of having to hit return (to validate the destination),
hit return (to validate the first or only bbs declared),
Hit return (to validate the msg type (p) ) and ...Hit return to validate
the automatically generated title....You can use one of these new
Macro commands for messages lists since TPK182 ( see TPK107 ):

Try to type the following thing from TPK's main screen:
Mem MSGLST0 r^m^m^m^m

This will configure the key [0] to reply to a message (like if you were
pressing the [r] key) and validate all the necessary lines...
So now for replying to a message you'll only have to hit [0] instead of
[r] and 4 times return !!
Be aware that if you keep this,you'll have to modify the border which
describes macro commands in you .Lng file (francais.Lng or english.Lng)

* now ...Are you the kind of person who often sends messages (bulletins
or private) to the same destination ????
Lets imagine that you often send msgs to TPK@eu,try to type the following
line from TPK's main screen:

Mem MSGLST1 m^m^yTPK@@eu^m^yb^m

(don't forget to modify the description in your .Lng file)

Then while you're in messages lists,if you hit [1],TPK will start editing
a new message (like if you were hitting [m]),will select the first bbs
you have set up for forward with br commands in config.TPK and will
put the destination as TPK@eu (the @ must be doubled in the macro to work
properly),and will choose the b (bulletin) type (although this is not
really necessary in this example as TPK would have recognised it is a
bulletin anyway,but in some cases it would be important to tell TPK the
right type as it can get the wrong one...Like reqdir or reqfil for
Example which TPK would put as a b wherease it needs to be a p ).
(^y is understood by TPK as [ctrl-y] which clears the line where the
cursor is )

If you have more than one bbs declared and you would like to use the
second one for that,then simply put the br command to declare it in
config.TPK in first,before all other br commands for other bbses.

You can also create macro commands by hitting [alt-m] ( since TPK182 )
but remember that macro commands are case sensitive,so record their
names in upper case as TPK will call them in upper case (see TPK094
or TPK107 for more details)

* now...Another thing you might find anoying when replying to a message:
You know,when you start a reply by hitting [r],TPK will include the text
of the original message you're replying to....It's very useful to see
what you're replying to,but once you're done with it you might want to
delete it...
To do this manually you hit [ctrl-y]...As many times as it takes to
delete every lines of the original message.

From TPK's main screen type:

T a1 ^y^y^y^y^y^y^y^y^y^y^y^y^y^y^y^y^y^y^y^y^y^y^y^y^y^y^y^y^y^y^y^y^y^y

...Then while you're editing a message or replying to one,put the
Cursor on the first line you to delete and hit [alt-f1]...
The line where the cursor was and all following lines will be deleted...
Very quickly ...Which is better than having to hit [ctrl-y] so many times !

Well,it depends how many ^y you have put when programming the function key
but you can put even more of them than in the example above (i don't know
the exact limit but it's fairly high...Maybe 255 caracters alltogether)

And if it still isn't enough (like if you have a 10000 lines msg !!)
then do it again !...Hit alt-f1 again...

You've just programmed and used a function key !!!
For creating function keys,you can also hit [alt-t] which will pop up
a menu ( since TPK182 ).
If you want more details about function keys,read TPK096 ...

Enjoy TPK !
And 73 de chris f1rzn

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