TPK053 By F1RZN (c) 1996
fc1rzn/TPK 1.81 msg #:120 date:11-04-93 time:0:38z

hi to all TPK users,
It appeared that some amateurs had problems with TPK when connecting to
their bbs:
Once connected it will send a "c" or sometimes many "c"s ...Which will make
the bbs go to conference mode.
After enquiring quite a bit...Here is what happens:
The tnc doesn't recognise the order from the program to switch to command
mode...(that's the "c")..So it sends the "c" until it does change to
command mode....
A possible solution would be to initialise/configure your tnc all over
again...While you keep your fingers crossed....
...B u t :keep this as the last resource,try other solutions first.
Another solution could be to set newmode off and nomode on in your tnc...

With bsx tnc "newmode on" and "nomode on" seems to work ...
"nomode on" seems to be the most important one.(at least as far as tnc2s
and compatibles are concerned !)
I'm not sure how many tncs have to be set up like that but if you have
this problem it's worth a try anyway !

...If that works,put those in config.TPK.
You can also try to reduce the serial port's speed between your pc and
your tnc.On TPK's side,this can be done by running TPKinst.
But that's all I can suggest.

If you don't experience this problem,i suggest you leave newmode and nomode
as they are in your tnc.
thanks for the useful help to all those who sent me suggestions,and ideas
for TPK.
Read TPK097 for another potential source of this problem.
Ps:keep on file your configuration for quick start.

73's and thanks to all

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