Format of FBB system-files.

 The miscellaneous files used for the configuration and the operation of this
BBS software have a very accurate syntax. The good behaviour of your software
depends upon how these files have been configured.

 The first file to be configured is INIT.SRV. This file contains the
information on the BBS and about your hardware.

 The system holds more than 10 text files which can be configured. Do not
forget to save the previous content of the file before modification. This
will ease the restore which might often be necessary. Never delete a
file, you might loose major data. Never modify a binary file. Some files have
a preset number of lines, and adding or deleting lines might generate an
error message. This is the case of the configuration files and text files.

 In most of the configuration files and within the text files, the character
# in the FIRST COLUMN means that the line is a comment, and will not be taken
into account for the number of lines.

 Files may stay in different directories, FBB, BIN, SYSTEM, etc... The
default directory is indicated after the file name inside parentheses.

Standard system-files (for sysop to change):

RUNFBB.BAT	Startup-file.  	Only for WinFBB	
XFBB.SH         Startup-file.	Only for LinFBB    
APPEL.BAT 	Startup-file.  	Only for DosFBB		
DSZ.BAT 	Start binary transfer	
INIT.SRV	BBS initializing file	
EPURMESS.INI	Configure housekeeping	
PORT.SYS 	Configure ports
SWAPP.SYS	Swap to/from/etc in messages
INITTNCx.SYS	Startup-parametres for TNC and/or modem
MAINTx.SYS	Closedown-parametres for TNC and/or modem
BEACONx.SYS	Configure beacon 
BBS.SYS 	Define all BBSs that receive bulletins
FORWARD.SYS 	The main forward-file
CRON.SYS 	Run certain tasks/programs every hour
REJECT.SYS	List of callsigns to be rejected/held
PASSWD.SYS	Password-file for remote sysops
PROTECT.SYS	Define "safe" directories
LANGUE.SYS 	Define languages
THEMES.SYS	Define various theme-zones.
ERROR.SYS	File for logging errors
ETAT.SYS	Shows when the BBS was put in service
HEARD.BIN    	Stations heard on radio-ports
REDIST.SYS 	Define bulletin redistribution
english.TXT	Texts used by the BBS. One for each language
english.HLP	User-help. One for each language
english.ENT	Logon-text. One for each language, and for modem/telnet.
english.NEW	Logon-text. One for each language. Shows ONCE
english.INF	Texts used by the BBS. One for each language
FBBLOG.nn	Logfile for the BBS.  One for each week
MEMO.SYS	Define "hot keys" (DosFBB and WinFBB different)
nnnnn.SAT 	Characteristics of satellites
NEWDOC.SYS	Authorize callsigns for NEWDOC-server

Other file-formats (please do not change unless you 
   are 100% sure that you know what you are doing):
   (Incorrectly modifying these files will most likely cause your
    BBS to work incorrectly, or maybe even crash)

STATIS.DAT	Statistical data of BBS-usage
OPTIONS.SYS	Options for console-usage
DIRMES.SYS	Records for every single message
WFBID.SYS 	Records of BIDs
INF.SYS 	Records of users
YAPPLBL.DAT	Information on binary files
SATEL.DAT	Information on satellites
WP.SYS 		White Pages database
MESS.WP		File from WP tp update BBS

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