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Thermo/Hygro/Baro sensor


This sensor measures temperature, hygrometry and athmospheric pressure. It is compatible with Lacrosse 7000-20 which is no longer available (with a better resolution for pressure).

The measures are sent on 433MHz each 75 seconds (Lacrosse 7000-20 protocol, address=3).

The card

Only very few components are needed. The sensors are factory calibrated. No other calibration needed.

Soldering the small BOSCH BMP085 sensor under the board is not so easy...

After the design of my prototype, I added the humidity sensor (soldered on wires). It is now fully integrated on the PCB also soldered under the board.

The box

This "flashy" box is also available in black... It is large enough to put the small board and the two batteries.

The operational sensor

Looks like a commercial one, isn't it?

Schematics, components and printed board are available in pdf format

The MPASM project including source codes written in PIC assembler and the Hex code are available and generated with MPLAB IDE.

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