Development Status

General informations

Three versions are actually under development :

DOS version: 7.00h
WIN version 7.00h
LINUX version 7.00h (graphic X11 and daemon)

These versions are sharing the same source code, and have nearly the same features seen from the user. Some minor features are changing due the operationg system capabilities. Seen from the sysop, the interface is really dependant of the operating system. All versions are FBB system file compatible.


DOS Version

Runs under DOS 6.xx
Uses 16 bits protected mode, so there is no longer the limit of the first MB of memory.
Needs at least a PC386. 486 and Pentium will give better results
Interface similar to the well known DOS interface of the 5.15


WIN Version

Runs under Win 3 and Win 95.
Uses 16 bits code
Graphic interface using Win API.
Telnet built-in driver via Microsoft sockets
X/Y/ZModem bidirectionnal interface using external DSZ shareware.
A 32 bits version has been distributed for evaluation. This version is limited as there is very few interfaces running in 32 bits mode. A TFWIN.DLL is available for KISS interface.


LINUX graphic version

The graphic interface using Moo-Tiff toolkit, needs X11R6 installed
The driver to WA8DED hostmode TNC via RS232.
The driver to AF_AX25 Linux socket.
Telephone modem driver and X/Y/Zmodem bidirectionnal transfers.
Telnet X25 socket driver.
A built-in master PACSAT protocole..


LINUX daemon version

This version has no interface and works in background.
All the features of the LINUX graphic version.