B : Exit the Gateway
K : Enters Converse mode.
C : Connect.
D : Disconnect.
H : Help
J : Lists the 20 last stations heard on the port.
P : Link from one port to another.

Once the selection of an authorized port has been made, a channel will be
granted, depending upon availability. This channel will use the users own
callsign. Switching to converse mode is automatic when the corresponding
station is connected; switching back to command mode takes place on a
disconnection, or if the Esc character or a > is sent in the first column.

Switching to converse mode can also be made with the command K. 

The C command must be followed by the destination callsign, and optionnaly
by the letter V followed by a string of digipeater callsigns.  Like:
C Destination call V repeat1 repeat2 ...

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